For the near-term, after extensive prayer and research, Grove Church believes that God is calling us to reach out to two primary outreach groups (Grove’s “brand”) that cut across the diversities listed in the “vision” section:

 Young Adult Ministry

We are looking to reach out and develop a new ministry to young families and young adults committed to Christ, who will form bonds with one another.  The established members of Grove recognize that Christ has been present in their lives through the Grove Church family, and we seek to welcome and nurture the next generation, allowing them to celebrate and express the faith with methods that relate best to their age.  We know that this will mean change for us, especially, but not only in worship.  We do not know where change will lead us, but we trust God to lead us along the way.

 Seniors Ministry

We are also looking to embody the gospel for older adults; there are no less than five major facilities for older adults in close proximity to the church.  This age includes many of us who are currently members of Grove Church .  We recognize the need for companionship, prayer, and programs to draw us out of our apartments and into experiencing the gospel of Christ in a church community. 

 Multicultural Direction

We are intentional about continuing to develop our ministries in a multicultural way that welcomes and delights in the diversity of our community.  We believe that God is calling us to be a foretaste of the Revelation 7:9 vision of the multitude “from all tribes and peoples and tongues.”

At the same time, because the majority of people who live in our neighborhood count themselves among many Spanish-speaking people groups, we will need to give special attention to engaging the cultures and needs of these communities.



   March 2019   
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